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Last site update - 16 Mar 2021 16:29
New version of GAC Club Rules added 16 Mar 2021
GAC Risk Assessment Form Added 30 Sep 2020
Flying Field Operational 3 Jun 2020
The club field is now open for flying (assuming you are within 'local' travelling range). Field ancillary buildings are still CLOSED.
Sanitising and social distancing is in operation - please use your common sense.
LiPo Batteries 1 Apr 2020
Just a safety note - ensure that any LiPo batteries you have are discharged to storage level - 3.85V per cell (all modern chargers can do this for you) - it'll be a while until we can use them again, no point in ruining them!
COVID-19 Update 1 Apr 2020
Sadly, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the GAC clubrooms, flying field and ancillary buildings are now CLOSED until further notice. Stay safe.
Meeting Cancelled 4 Mar 2020
Due to the current virus situation, the meeting this evening has been cancelled. Please let anyone know that may not have email access.
CAA Exemption Update 18 Feb 2020
The CAA have just issued a new exemption ANO 1345, this supersedes ANO 1332 - this will be in effect until 30 June 2020. You need to keep a copy of this latest document (paper or electronic) if you're out flying. You can destroy the old version ANO 1332.
The new document is available on the downloads page.
Events 15 Feb 2020
The events page has been updated with the latest info we have on forthcoming Sales and Flying events.
Everyone needs to be aware of the new CAA arrangements - ensure that you have valid credentials and also your operator number on each of your aircraft (if required) by the end of February 2020 !!!
The BMFA have a decent quick start guide here.
Mystery Field Walkers 27 Jan 2020
The two mysterious people in the field on this banner page are members of the Christie family - on a Sunday outing looking to see if their freshly planted aircraft have started to sprout yet.
Lost Planes 27 Jan 2020
Here's one that was lost and went through the combine harvester - looks like a laugh, but this could have caused a disaster - a fired-up LiPo battery inside a combine harvester that's full of explosive dust doesn't bear thinking about - we need to ensure that we ALWAYS retrieve a lost model. If you need help to find it, ASK SOMEONE !!!
Don't leave it lying around in the open countryside where this can happen - or perhaps, something even worse.
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