Glenrothes Aeromodelling Club

Aeromodelling for all …

About Us
Glenrothes Aeromodelling Club was founded in 1960 by a group of committed aeromodellers (they're probably due for release soon in 2023). Their aim was to provide a place for individuals to pursue their interest in Aeromodelling in a safe, friendly and encouraging environment.

Currently, the aims of the club remain unchanged. The club still seeks to promote the hobby and sport of Aeromodelling by providing a safe and friendly environment where beginners and veterans alike can pursue a range of interests related to Aeromodelling in all its forms, such as…

We have a proud tradition of supporting and participating in many local and national organised events, including …

Members group meetings are now bi-monthly and meeting dates are posted on the
News page.
Club members are active in the running and decision making of the club, as well as being kept up to date with the latest news and information relating to the hobby and sport of aeromodelling and club events.

Current Committee (2024)

The Club has a 5 acre flying site with close mown grass and an east/west runway of 150m. A purpose-built car park with on-site facilities is available for pilots and caravanners.